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The unique Source for the most delicious Lobster Recipes 

We are the place for all you need to know about Lobster and provide a great choice of free tasty Lobster Recipes.


Finest Lobster Recipes:
Our selection of the most delicious Lobster is grouped as follows (click the respective Recipes Area):

Red Lobster Recipe Lobster Bisque Recipes
Portuguese Lobster Recipes  

All you need to know about Lobster

Lobsters belong to the family of crustaceans. Lobsters stay in cool regions near cliffy coasts during the summer. In the winter they move to the deeper sea (over 55 yards) areas. Lobsters are cold-blooded and their body-temperature depend on the water temperature.
The main fishing season is in Summer but it is possible to fish Lobster around the whole year. The richest fishing grounds are the East Coast near Maine. Lobsters fished in this areas are well known as Maine Lobsters. Commercial Lobster fishing is allowed since 1840.

Lobster look and appearance

The backside of the Lobsters assimilates the color of the underground where it lives. Lobster can get a length  up to 2.30 feet, a weight up to 20 lb and its age can be more than 50 years.

 What to consider if buying Lobster

If buying a lobster it`s very important to buy it freshly. For cooking red Lobster Recipes it is very important to consider the following tips, when buying Lobster:

Check whether the Lobster is still active. That means, if you run your hand over the corselet, the lobster usualy still dithers. It`s also important that the extremities aren`t broken and the antennes aren`t damaged. 
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Different types of lobster

  1. “Maine” or “American” Lobster with two strong claws. Our preferred choice for Lobster Recipes.

  2. European Lobster which is very similar to the Maine Lobster. They are located in the Western Atlantic. In Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland Lobster is called “Hummer”, in France “Homard”.

  3. The spiny Lobster comes from the southerly waters. It`s quite different compared with the American and European Lobster. Spiny Lobsters have names like Crawfish, Rock Lobster, Langouste.

But whatever you call Lobster, the well known “Lobster tail” can be cooked and enjoyed from all types of Lobsters. Lobster Tails are really delicious if the lobster is prepared perfectly.

So try our Lobster Recipes like the Lobster bisque Recipe, red Lobster Recipe and you will know why Lobster is famous for royal dinners.

The right preparation of a Lobster

It`s not so difficult to prepare a cooked Lobster for our Lobster Recipes. Follow these five steps: 

1)     Cut off the scissors of the Lobster with a rotation.

2)    Take a sharp knife and cut the Lobster over the roll axis that means, first you cut the head into two halves then the tail

3)     Now you can carefully unhinge the meat and pull out the bowel

4)     To get the meat out from the scissors, you have to pull the scissors apart carefully

5)     The big scissors are to open with a strike. You can use the back of a knife. Now you can break away the shell. 

Tips how to cook Lobster tails best:

Cooking time for lobster (only benchmarks)  

Weight  (pound)  cooking time (min)
1.0 12
1.3 14
1.5 16
1.8 18
2.0 20
2.2 22
2.6 24
3.6 27
4.4 31
5.5 36
6.6 40

Tip: We recommend to use a Lobster Steamer for best Lobster cooking results. A Lobster Steamer is designed to hold your seafood in the top pot and your water in the bottom, so instead of risking over-boiling your food, you get freshly steamed and ready to serve succulent results.

Lobster Cholestrol and Calories

Lobster is very tasty and also amazingly healthy food. The dangerous calories you have to take care of are hidden in the sauces. So if you're dieting you can prepare our red Lobster Recipes without the sauces. 


94  calories


21 g


1.2 g

Polyunsaturated fat

0 g

Monounsaturated fat

0 g

Saturated fat

0 g


72 mg

Omega 3 fatty acid

0.38 g




380 mg

Enjoy the Lobster Recipes from Shrimp-Scampi-Recipes.com! 
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